Insider administration

Tieto follows the Nasdaq Helsinki Rules of the Exchange and Guidelines for Insiders. In addition, Tieto has issued its own Insider Rule which is kept up-to-date and available to all employees of Tieto. Insiders are on a regular basis being informed on insider rules and given guidance in individual cases.

Board members, Deputy Board members, CEO, auditors, deputy auditors and the Leadership Team members are registered as Tieto's public insiders. Their Tieto’s share and securities holdings are available in the insider register as well as in the service point of Euroclear Finland Ltd.

Employees or other persons or companies who, by virtue of their position or duties, may regularly receive insider information on the company are registered in the permanent company-specific insider register. Project-specific insider registers are established when an issue or arrangement fulfils the project evaluation criteria set up in applicable rules and regulations.

Persons included in the public and company-specific insider registers are allowed to trade with the Tieto’s shares or other securities only during periods commencing on the first day following the publication of an interim report or financial statement bulletin and ending at the close of trading 7 weeks (49 days) thereafter. Those entered in the project-specific insider register shall however be prohibited from trading until the project expires or is made public.

Company requires its public insiders to check the information declared to the company annually and checks at least once a year the trading of insiders with duty to declare based on the register information. The company may also arrange other checks applicable to permanent insiders. The company may, when necessary, case by case, supervise the trading of securities of its insiders more accurately for example if a permanent insider deals with a large volume of securities or the trading of securities is continuous.

In Tieto, the General Counsel is in charge of insider issues. The permanent insider registers of Tieto are maintained in the insider register system of Euroclear Finland Ltd. Project-specific insider registers are maintained by Tieto’s Legal department.