Annual General Meeting

Tieto’s supreme decision-making body is the AGM. Every shareholder has a right to participate in the AGM and each share in Tieto entitles its holder to one vote. However, no shareholder is allowed to vote at a General Meeting with more than one fifth (1/5) of the votes represented at the meeting.

The AGM elects the members of the Board of Directors (including the Chairman) and appoints auditors, decides on their compensation and discharges the members of the Board and President and CEO from liability. The AGM’s approval is required for option programmes as well as Board authorizations for share repurchases and share issues. The meeting also makes the decision on the Board’s dividend proposal.

The following persons are present at Tieto’s AGM:

  • Board of Directors: Chairman, Board members and new Board member candidates
  • Leadership Team: President and CEO, CFO
  • Auditors

For more information regarding the AGM 2016 and previous meetings, shareholders and participation possibilities please visit the company’s website.

Tieto’s AGM 2015

  • In 2015, the AGM convened on 19 March at Scandic Park hotel in Helsinki, Finland. Altogether 602 shareholders and 48 630 413 shares (66.0% of the total outstanding shares) were represented at the meeting.
  • No Extraordinary General Meetings were held in 2015.