Shares and shareholders

Tieto Corporation’s issued and registered share capital on 31 December 2015 totalled EUR 76 555 412.00 and the number of shares was 74 009 953. At the end of 2015, the number of shares in the company’s or its subsidiaries’ possession totalled 465 084 representing 0.6% of the total number of shares and voting rights.

During 2015, Tieto received two announcements regarding a change in its shareholding. In April, Tieto announced that the number of the company’s shares had increased due to share subscriptions pursuant to stock options. As a result, the holding of Cevian Capital fell below the 15% threshold. In June, Silchester International Investors LLP announced that its aggregate holding in Tieto Corporation had risen to 10.00%.

The company had 24 491 registered shareholders at the end of 2015. Based on the ownership records of the Finnish and Swedish central securities depositories, 36.2% of Tieto’s shares were held by Finnish and 2.3% by Swedish investors. In total, there were 22 967 retail investors in Finland and Sweden and they held 12% of Tieto’s shares. Additional information regarding shares and shareholders is available at