Major agreements

Tieto signed a solid number of new agreements with customers across all the industry groups. However, according to the terms and conditions of these agreements, Tieto is not able to disclose most of the contracts.

In March, Tieto and Etera signed a three-year contract on infrastructure services. The contract value is over EUR 5 million.

In March, Tieto agreed on a contract to become the turnkey IT supplier for Region Skåne, one of Sweden’s largest regional councils. The deal is valid for four years and includes an extension option for another eight years. The four-year contract entered into force in October 2015 and is valued at EUR 70 million. Tieto is responsible for the operation, maintenance, coordination and development of user-related IT in order to supply Region Skåne’s 32 000 employees with modern services and new technology.

In March, ECHA awarded to Tieto a service contract for the provision of technical IT consulting in the area of Enterprise Content Management Services. The contract was awarded within the Hansel Framework Agreement for IT Consulting Services and is valid until the end of February 2017. The estimated value of the ECHA contract is up to a maximum of EUR 3 million.

In March, Tieto signed a new agreement with International Card Services (ICS), the largest credit card issuing business in the Netherlands, to deliver an end-to-end industry-specific cloud-based IT solution. The new private cloud solution is developed with a focus on the financial industry, meeting the high security and regulatory demands of businesses. The contract will last until December 2020.

In April, Tieto and Cerdo signed a contract on outsourcing of administrative payments and savings services for the banking and financial sector. Based on the agreement, Tieto will be able to provide an attractive outsourcing solution for the Nordic financial market.

In April, Hurtigruten, a leading Norwegian tourism company, chose Tieto as its strategic hosting partner to deliver modern and holistic IT services. The new agreement includes full life-cycle commercial and administrative applications. The contract duration is five years and the value is up to EUR 15 million.

In August, Tieto signed an agreement with Sollentuna municipality in the Stockholm region, to continue supplying IT services for three additional years. The agreement is worth approximately EUR 8 million.

In September, Tieto and Region Västra Götaland (RVG) signed an agreement on digitalization of RVG’s pathology processes by implementing its comprehensive Patos solution. The agreement is valid for 10 years and is worth EUR 46 million. It includes an option for RVG to extend the deal for another ten years.  

In September, Tieto signed a framework agreement with Sweden’s Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency, Kammarkollegiet, to provide information management and eGovernment services to the public sector. The framework agreement comprises seven different providers and has an estimated total value of about SEK 400 million per year over the next four years. The agreement came into force in November 2015 and is a continuation of the government’s efforts to increase the digitalization of society.

In September, the State Treasury of Finland chose Tieto as a supplier for its case and document management system. The implementation will be based on Software Innovation’s Public 360°. Delivery will take place in early 2016 and the agreement is valid for five years. The new solution will be used in all of the State Treasury’s digital service processes in the future, supporting the State Treasury’s digitalization goals.

In September, the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy selected Tieto to modernize the national URA information system used by providers of employment-related services. Tieto was also selected as one of three suppliers to modernize the eServices provided to employment and economy offices. The contractual period will last until the end of 2018 with a forecast value of up to EUR 40 million. 

In September, SSAB and Tieto renewed their services agreement for the next three years, with a two-year option. The contract covers a wide range of services from capacity services to application development for business-critical manufacturing, logistics and sales operations worldwide. Tieto offered SSAB an attractive model for productivity improvement and for modernizing IT operations in the mainframe environment.

In October, Suominen, a global supplier of nonwovens for wiping, medical and hygiene products, made an agreement on a strategic IT partnership with Tieto. The four-year agreement with a one-year option and significant value, covers the building and maintenance of Suominen’s business applications and platform services. Tieto is providing Suominen with a full stack solution, including new ERP and MES systems, based on the standard SAP and TIPS integrated solution with new capabilities, and hosting from the Tieto cloud.

In November, Tieto signed an agreement with the city of Tampere and eight of its nearby municipalities to supply IT infrastructure and integration services. The agreement is valid for five years, 2016–2020, and its value is approximately EUR 30 million.

In November, Tieto signed a five-year outsourcing agreement with ICA Banken for operations, system and back-office services for the bank’s securities business. The new solution supports the entire process from order to settlement of securities. With the agreement Tieto takes full responsibility for the systems, operations and administration of ICA Banken's securities management (Software as a Service) and the back office services (Business Process Outsourcing).

In November, Tieto signed a deal to deliver IT services to Praktikertjänst, Sweden’s largest provider of private healthcare and dental care. The contract is for five years with an option to extend it for an additional two years. Total contract value is SEK 62 million (EUR 6.7 million), including the hardware to be supplied by Tieto’s subcontractor. Based on the agreement, Tieto will deliver IT services from server management to work-place support.

In December, Göteborg Energi decided to outsource its IT operations to Tieto. The agreement runs over a five-year period with a contract value of approximately EUR 40 million. The major service areas in its scope are data centre, work-place, service desk and collaboration services. Göteborg Energi’s IT environment will be consolidated at state-of-the-art secure data centres in Sweden.

In December, Tieto concluded agreements with the Finnish Government ICT Centre Valtori, Population Registry Centre and State Treasury on transferring a number of services to the Finnish government data centre and capacity service environment during 2016. The agreements cover the Finnish population information system, Finnish state ERP (Kieku), and national service architecture (X-Road).  The total value of the five-year agreements amounts to about EUR 30 million. The agreements are based on the Hansel frame agreement on data centre and capacity services.