Employee relations

As stated in our Code of Conduct, we support freedom of association and collective bargaining as defined in the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. Inside the company, our Open Source culture and intranet play important roles in facilitating free discussions and sharing of information.

As a company, we maintain a high priority on active collaboration with personnel representation bodies. In 2015, 48% of Tieto employees were covered by collective bargaining agreements. However, the differences between countries vary extensively, with the highest participation in Sweden (100%) and Finland (98%). In countries of operation where collective bargaining is not applied, for example China and India, we strive to facilitate local forums where issues can be addressed. For instance, in India employees have formed a Voice Action Planning Committee based on the idea that ‘Action speaks louder than VOICE’. The primary goal of this committee is to identify issues raised in the Voice employee engagement survey and take action on these. The tenure of this group is one year. In addition to these initiatives, our Open Source culture as well as intranet, which is available for all employees and includes social media like tools, enable topical, collaborative and interactive discussions.

The European Works Council (EWC) in Tieto is the company Personnel Representative Body (PRB), which works to uphold a free flow of information throughout the company. Human Resources work as an enabler and makes sure that all agreements are followed through as agreed. Our head of HR is responsible for facilitating the EWC meetings based on the wishes of the EWC members. In addition to the EWC there are country specific forums, based on local practices and legislation, where company and employee representatives can share information.

Our personnel elects two members and two deputy members to the Board of Directors. This is done by the personnel representatives in accordance with the Personnel Representation Cooperation Agreement. Through personnel representation, our aim is to achieve, among others, increased unity in decision making concerning, for example, business operations, financial matters and personnel considerations.

Our Open Source culture and intranet play important roles in facilitating free discussions and sharing of information.

Naturally, we follow the local employment laws and practices, collective agreements, and individual contract terms. Employees who are under threat of losing their job are supported by the company through proactive communication, different forms of coaching, and active support to the process of finding new job opportunities outside Tieto.

Tieto Young Professionals (TYP) is an activity and networking club for young employees working in Tieto and is a group established for bringing together young professionals. TYP organizes activities regularly, ranging from career events to more informal get-togethers. This network offer possibilities to network, socialize, create and share ideas, develop skills and capabilities as well as further careers, and get to know Tieto better.  In addition, Tieto Ambassador networks work actively in various Tieto countries, arranging for example internal and external events, cooperating with schools and student associations, and representing Tieto in different events. Joining the Ambassador network is completely open; anyone in Tieto can join the network and become a Tieto Ambassador.