Employee health and wellbeing

We believe a good and safe work environment, which supports physical and mental wellbeing, is fundamental in order for our employees to perform and develop as professionals as well as individual people. 

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy applies to all employees and business operations. Our objective is to proactively avoid any physical or mental illness, accidents or incidents caused by the work environment and affecting the general health of an employee. We have a zero tolerance for work-related injuries. If a work-related injury occurs, we will actively work to eliminate the cause of the injury.

Rapidly changing customer needs force IT services companies and their employees to continuously adapt and develop. We recognize this development could have an impact on the psychosocial wellbeing for individual employees, especially when combined with time and cost-critical project based work. To follow-up on the wellbeing of our personnel we have measured employees’ work-life balance and experience of stress since 2013. According to our Voice survey in 2015, 93% of our employees perceived that they have energy left above work-related demand, thus slightly below our target of 95% as a minimum.

To support the health and wellbeing of our employees we are driving many initiatives. Our open source culture plays an important role in empowering employees to influence their work, by creating an open work environment where issues can be raised should they occur. We also provide various digital collaboration and communications tools, which make it possible for our employees to work also remotely depending on the type of work to be conducted and individual needs.

The overall responsibility for developing health and wellbeing in Tieto is carried by our Human Resources (HR) function. The HR team in each country of operation is responsible for the coordination and implementation of arrangements related to occupational health and wellbeing. As a company, we offer injury or sickness-related healthcare as well as various health-promoting initiatives, such as annual health check-ups or counselling for stress- or family-related issues. We also encourage employees to participate in sports and leisure challenges and other activities arranged by the company.

Country-specific health and wellbeing practices vary according to specific local needs and priorities, and local legislation. As one example, in India we offer our employees comprehensive health check-ups free of charge and with assigned medical centres. We also drive other types of activities to ensure wellness at the workplace. For example our Association for Sports, Social and Entertainment Activities in India is elected on a yearly basis and plans and conducts engagement activities within sports, culture, and corporate responsibility.