Diversity and equal opportunities

We provide equal opportunities for all employees and see diversity, whether of age, gender or cultural background, as a strength, helping to build our competitiveness thanks to a reserve of varied experiences and competences. In 2015, Tieto Sweden received the gender equality certification from the Swiss EDGE Certified Foundation as the first IT company in the world.

The ICT industry is developing at a rapid pace. We believe a wide mix of people is needed in order to stay competitive. This is why diversity is an integral part of our recruitment as well as other Human Resources activities. As an employer, we are committed to the principle that all employees shall be treated with equal respect and dignity, and shall be provided with equal opportunities to develop themselves and their careers.

At the end of 2015, 72% (72%) of our personnel was male and 28% (28%) was female. Typically, the IT industry is still male dominated and an equal division of male and female employees will be difficult to achieve in the short term. To increase the amount of women in the company, we implement country specific equality initiatives based on local requirements and needs. In 2015, Tieto Sweden was the first IT company in the world to receive the gender equality certification from the Swiss EDGE Certified Foundation. This certification represents the leading global assessment methodology and business certification standard for gender equality, and it assesses policies, practices and numbers across five different areas of analysis: equal pay for equivalent work, recruitment and promotion, leadership development training and mentoring, flexible working, and company culture.

Our approach to diversity and inclusion is mirrored in appointments to jobs, rewarding and personal success, which are based on individual ability and performance. In organizational development, we strive to ensure that management positions increasingly represent females, young professionals and different nationalities. The share of women in senior management positions reached 19% (17%) at year-end. By 31 December, our leadership team consisted of six men and two women. Our Board of Directors consisted of eight men and two women.

Many roles in the IT services industry require technological and managerial skills acquired after years of experience. At the same time, the young generation is important to bring in new fresh ideas to the company. At the end of the year, the average age of our employees was 40 years. To recruit young professionals we have, as one example, a trainee program - a yearly graduate program in Finland, Sweden and Norway. To this program, we recruit motivated young talents who can help to drive innovation and company change, and also create a culture of cross-business networking to support building ‘One Tieto’.

Our Code of Conduct as well as our HR policy state that no forms of discrimination or disrespectful treatment at work are accepted. Our yearly goal is to have zero discrimination incidents. In 2015, zero discrimination cases were found.