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Our people

Ensuring resources that support the company transformation was one of the key focus areas for our Human Resources during 2015. At the same time, we continued to foster our Open Source culture, where employees are encouraged to share, learn and grow.

The renewal of Tieto is placing high demands on resource planning. During the year, our Human Resources focused on strengthening the core businesses and continued to recruit new talents to our growth areas. In addition, we completed three acquisitions, which will strengthen our competence base and capabilities even further. At the same time, some traditional roles became obsolete due to automatization and industrialization of traditional IT services, resulting in redundancies in some units in 2015.

Our Open Source culture supports our company journey by promoting a work environment based on openness, transparency, collaboration and innovation - all vital components to our capabilities in order for us to lead our customers through the digital disruption and digitalization. In 2015, we expanded the focus to full employee experience, by starting to shape e.g our physical working environment, internal tools and processes to be fully in line with our cultural aspirations. One concrete example of this is our decision to move the Head Office to a new, highly collaborative environment in the West Coast Business Campus in Keilaniemi, Espoo, in the fall 2016.

Tieto as an employer

We are convinced our success as a company is built on the wellbeing and motivation of our employees - our most important asset. As an employer we want to offer a workplace that both challenges and cares. Our long-term goal is to become the employer of choice among our own employees and potential employees, both among students and young professionals as well as among more experienced professionals and leaders.

Our annual employee engagement survey, Voice, was conducted in the autumn 2015. The response rate was an all time high 92%. The total Voice index score reached 68% (62%), a clear improvement from 2014. One of the highlights in the Voice survey results was the Open Source culture index, which reached 72% compared to 63% in the previous year. Another achievement was the significant improvement in the project management area, as our business performance and success is largely built on our project management capabilities. On the other hand, strategic alignment and trust in the future still needs more attention. In addition, our matrix organization is perceived to be challenging although some improvement can be seen compared to 2014. There is also a need for simplified processes and improved tools to support the daily work.

At the end of December 2015, the number of employees amounted to 14 1831). During the year, 1 8091) new employees joined Tieto through recruitments to strengthen competences throughout the company. In addition, 4951) employees joined through acquisitions and outsourcing agreements. 6951) employees in IT services left Tieto due to restructuring of business operations. Additionally, 561) employees exited due to business divestment during 2015.

Our Human Resources (HR) department is responsible for developing people practices in Tieto to best support our business needs in an environment that is developing and moving ahead quickly. Our HR function is led by the group-level Head of HR while country HR teams are responsible for country-specific HR operations. In addition, Business HR support is also assigned to the respective Service Lines and Industry Groups.

As a company we support and respect the principles set out in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. The Tieto Human Resources (HR) Policy serves as the overall strategic direction for our people practices, and applies to all employees and operations globally.