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Greener operations

Minimizing environmental impact is one of our key sustainability goals. We support the precautionary approach to environmental challenges, and apply the principles of continuous improvement.

Our environmental impact is mainly related to energy consumption in offices and data centres. In addition, business travel accounts for about one third of our footprint. Hence, our climate work is focused on reducing energy consumption, increasing energy efficiency and replacing travel with online conferencing options. Naturally, we also strive to manage our waste and use of materials and chemicals in an environmentally responsible way.

Our environmental targets are outlined in the CR long-term plan. One of the highlights of the year was the significant steps we took to fulfill our environmental certification target to have all offices with more than 50 employees to be certified with ISO 14001 certificates by 2015. Several ISO 14001 certification projects were conducted during the year resulting in 82% coverage by the year-end, and 95% coverage by the end of January (measured in terms of employees). Our indirect energy consumption decreased by 9%, thus exceeded our yearly target of 3.5%.  We are also pleased to see the increased coverage of responsible electronic waste partners, from 15.4% to 40% at the end of the year.

The remaining chapters of this section present our environmental efforts and achievements in more detail.

Managing environmentally responsible businesses

Our Environmental Rule clarifies the environmental section of our Code of Conduct Policy, and applies to all employees in all business operations and countries. This rule communicates our commitment to the United Nations Rio Declaration on Environment and Development. Naturally, we follow the local environmental legislation in each country of operation.

To support the management of environmental work in daily business operations, we have an Environmental Management System (EMS), which is ISO 14001 compliant. This EMS consists of processes, competences, governance and organization, communication and information, and tools. Implementation is secured through ISO 14001 certification.

Our EMS process, offering a role-based view, is integrated into our Corporate Responsibility management process. It is also integrated into our Tieto Way business system, thus making it possible to establish clear process links to other processes. Furthermore, there is a linkage between the EMS process and audit activities.  A responsive user interface makes it possible to access the EMS from any device.

To support ISO 14001 related activities and EMS communication, we have an Environmental e-learning which is aligned with our Environmental Rule and highlights environmental management in a value chain, among other things. Naturally, we also communicate via the intranet and other internal communication channels.

In Tieto, EMS and ISO 14001 certifications are managed by our Processes, Quality and Corporate Responsibility unit. Along with each new roll-out, project members, steering group members and internal auditors receive relevant training on ISO 14001.