Social engagement

As a corporate citizen we want to engage in the local societies where we operate. Every year we do philanthropic donations to support different sustainability needs. In 2015, the main recipient of our yearly donations was the Red Cross for their support to refugees.

Our Corporate Responsibility (CR) steering group systematically selects the beneficiaries of our yearly philanthropic donations. Selections are based on local community-needs assessments made in cooperation with our local business operations. Based on our approach, these donations are aligned with our business strategy and purpose – to develop society – and have a close connection to our local businesses and operating countries. Depending on the local needs and our assessments, we strive to support social wellbeing as well as environmental protection. Our philanthropic donations can be long-term programs as well as short-term initiatives, such as disaster aid. Naturally, we comply with applicable local laws on social engagement.

The main recipient of our philanthropic donations in 2015, announced in December, was the Red Cross for their support to refugees. Like many others, we have been touched by the situation for the millions of people who are on the run from war and conflict areas around the world. The other recipients were Identity Foundation and Lila Poonawalla Foundation in India, for supporting educational needs among young people. In addition, based on earlier philanthropic donations we are supporting Me&My City in Finland, a Finnish education innovation and learning concept aimed at primary school students.

Apart from conducting philanthropic donations, we are engaged in pro-bono work for Uplift Mutuals, India. To facilitate the settlements of health insurance claims for underprivileged people, we have developed and provided Uplift Mutuals with a SaaS offering.

Red Cross

During the past year, hundreds of thousands of people have escaped their homes to seek a new future in Europe - a reality filled with insecurity and fear. The Red Cross work on-site in and around Syria, around the Mediterranean, and along the escape route through Europe. To help relieve the pain for some of the refugees, the Red Cross was selected as the main recipient of our philanthropic donations for 2016. 

Examples of activities carried out by the Red Cross are first aid and disaster aid, such as provision of water, food, clothes and sleeping bags. In addition, Red Cross help to find night shelter, and reunite families.

Identity Foundation, India

Founded in 2003, Identity Foundation is a charitable trust in Pune, working with underprivileged children. We have supported Identity Foundation's Mobile Learning and Infotainment Centre (MLIC) buses since 2007. In 2015, Identity Foundation was again given one of our yearly philanthropic donations.

The MLIC programme revolves around the utilization of two mobile learning and infotainment buses. Here underprivileged children, such as street children, can get literacy as well as life skills education. The MLIC’s also serve as information facilities by giving children an exposure to positive entertainment and providing useful information. In 2015, over 20 different MLIC activities or sub-programmes were conducted together with 24 partnering NGOs, reaching more than 8700 children.

Lila Poonawalla Foundation, India

Lila Poonawalla Foundation is an Educational Trust in India whose vision is to contribute to the empowerment of Indian women by supporting academically outstanding and financially deserving girls, through scholarship to pursue higher education. As part of our local engagement in India, Tieto has given one philanthropic donation to Lila Poonawalla Foundation.

The foundation gives scholarships to the girls from Pune, Amaravati and Wardha district. In Pune district, Lila Poonawalla Foundation supports girls from school level until post-graduation. In Amaravati and Wardha district scholarships are given for undergraduate studies.  Lila Poonawalla Foundation scholarships are merit-cum-need based scholarships. The highlight of the foundation is that it gives an outright grant to all the girls who are selected by the foundation Trustees.

Uplift, India

Uplift Mutuals is a local not for profit organization, which has emerged out of the needs to access quality health care at reasonable costs. Under Uplift Mutual’s model, low-income families in the unorganized sector in India can share their health risks and get access to mutual micro insurance for financing their medical treatments and hospital visits. Besides health insurance, the organization also provides medical advice via telephone, and has even employed its own doctors who provide their services to patients free of charge.

We have engaged with Uplift Mutuals since 2012 through pro-bono work. To facilitate settlements of the health insurance claims, we have developed and provided Uplift Mutuals with a SaaS offering, replacing the often time-consuming manual work. In addition to accelerating settlement of health insurance claims, and easing the burden for low-income families to fund their health issues, the web-based SaaS solution, provides an easy-to-use process for expanding the micro insurance for health program to cover more communities. Furthermore, it has helped to reduce operational costs for Uplift Mutuals.

Continuing with the back office efficiency process expansion, Uplift brought the web based mutual insurance solution to its operation in tribal Dungarpur Rajasthan in 2015. This was done in partnership with PEDO supported women self-help group federations. Currently, the solution helps three federations with about 8000 women and their families in Dungarpur make their health mutuals efficient. Using the online claims filing capacity in the solution, claims are validated by an Uplift doctor in Pune , making the turnaround time for claims shorter and communities efficient and effective in reducing their health care burden.

Me&MyCity, Finland

Me&MyCity (Yrityskylä) is an award-winning Finnish education innovation and learning concept aimed at primary school students. In 2014, Me&MyCity was granted a philanthropic donation by Tieto covering a three-year engagement with this organization. 

The Me&MyCity concept brings together students and teachers, university students, companies and local authorities to foster young people’s employability skills. In the learning environment - a miniature town - students spend a day as employees, citizens and consumers, gaining understanding of their own role as a part of the community, as well as information about economy and different actors in the society.

The Helsinki Vantaa Yrityskylä including a Tieto office was launched in 2015. Tieto employees in Finland took part in designing the office. In Tieto's office children can try out to be a project manager, sales manager as well as a specialist who work on customer cases, for instance related to smart home innovations.