Creating value

Creating value for stakeholders and society

One of our CR objectives is to create value for all our stakeholders - economically, socially, and environmentally.

The past years’ transformation and reshaping of the company has helped us improve our overall financial performance, making it possible for us to further contribute to a global and sustainable economy.

During 2015, we also invested in offering and competence development, recruited new talent, and completed three acquisitions. In addition, we have our own in-house start-ups: Industrial Internet, Customer Experience Management, and Security Services. All these initiatives are adding to our capabilities to be the preferred digitalization partner to our customers, and create value for society at large. In this context, we are convinced IT also has an important role to play to support sustainable development.

Our yearly philanthropic donations is another way we engage in society. In 2015, the main recipient of our donations was the Red Cross and their support to refugees. We also made donations to Identity Foundation and Lila Poonawalla Foundation in India, both supporting children and young people through education. We are also engaged in pro bono work in India for a not for profit organization, Uplift Mutuals.

Highlights 2015:

  • Profitability reached 8.6% EBIT margin at the full-year, thus getting closer to our 10% long-term objective.
  • Helped reduce 223 kilo tons of customers’ CO2 emissions with our digital transaction services and other identified services replacing paper (based on own calculations).
  • Reached more than 8 700 street children in India through NGO co-operation.
  • Help accelerate settlement of health insurance claims for underprivileged in India through pro bono work.