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Our people

We at Tieto work at the frontier of innovation. This requires us to have the competence and skills necessary to support, transform and expand our customers’ businesses. Our success as a company is built upon the motivation and wellbeing of our employees – our most important asset. A profound understanding of IT and our customers’ industry combined with in-depth experience of cutting edge technology are at the heart of everything we do.  

In 2015, Tieto continued accelerating its transformation, placing a high emphasis on competence renewal. The automation of traditional IT services, the emergence of new business models and the overall digitalization of the economy are the key drivers affecting our business. From a competence perspective this means that some of the traditional IT roles are becoming obsolete while new competence needs arise. Ensuring resources that support the company's renewal and growth objectives were some of the key focus areas for HR in 2015. We focused on strengthening core businesses and continued to recruit to new business areas such as Customer Experience Management (CEM) and healthcare, for instance. In addition, we completed three acquisitions to strengthen our competence base even further – Software Innovation, Imano and Smilehouse – bringing close to 500 new colleagues on board.

In today’s evolving IT environment, the opportunities for individual employees are boundless. We ensure to provide our employees with continuous learning opportunities that are well aligned with changing business needs and technologies. Some of our employee development practices include coaching, job rotation, on-the-job learning through a variety of projects, mentoring, self-study, and other forms of training together with e-learning courses on many topics.

For three years we have been driving forward the Open Source culture, aiming to empower employees to positively influence their own work, to create a transparent working environment and enhance collaboration and innovation. Through the Open Source culture we encourage employees to share, grow and learn as well as develop Tieto together. In 2015, the focus of the culture development was expanded from leadership qualities to cover the full employee experience. We started to shape our working environment, internal processes and practices to better support our cultural aspirations. The decision to move Tieto Head Office to a new, highly collaborative environment in the West Coast Business Campus in Keilaniemi, Espoo, during fall 2016, is a great example of this ambition.  

In 2015, we were also particularly proud of the excellent results in our annual employee engagement survey, VOICE. The response rate was an all time high, reaching 92%, and we witnessed improvements on all key measurements of the survey. As our business performance and success are largely based on our project management capabilities, it was especially rewarding to see significant progress in this area. The cultural index of the survey was 72% favorable, which means that Tieto employees live and believe in our Open Source culture. This marked a cultural turnaround for Tieto.