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Industrial Internet: Embracing revolutionary connectivity

Industrial Internet applications are increasing at a breathtaking pace. Today, more data is generated by machines than by people, turning the Internet into a wide range of devices connected together. As the number of connected user devices has increased radically, the need for connectivity of a multitude of services brings forth endless opportunities for all industries. 

Tieto defines Industrial Internet as a combination of smart machines, smart people and smart processes working together. It enables new business models, new opportunities, and a restructuring of the value network in many industries. It almost always includes analytics and the actions of users, which can bring significant change to corporate culture and business models.

At Tieto, the Industrial Internet business operates as an internal start-up. Tieto is actively building a global ecosystem with leading innovators, as within the Industrial Internet it is typically necessary to fit several technologies together to gain the required functionalities. Hence Tieto Industrial Internet aims to find the best balance between self-deployed technology and technology developed by partners. 

Looking at 2015, the year can be divided into two phases for Tieto’s Industrial Internet start-up.

Shaping the IoT cloud offering and the dawn of the Real Time Factory

The first half of the year was instrumental in creating the IoT cloud offering and maturing the first cloud service-based customer project to delivery. Secondly, there was significant emphasis on identifying industry verticals where Tieto’s Industrial Internet could generate business innovations. This marked the dawn of the Real Time Factory, a solution for manufacturing companies to digitalize their manufacturing facilities to the era of Industry 4.0. Real Time Factory builds on the earlier development within Tieto’s IoT cloud solution. It utilises Tieto’s Industrial Internet Analytics Toolbox and partner technologies, such as Data Ranger's Louhin and Quuppa’s Indoor Location system, to create a state-of-the-art solution that helps manufacturing run more efficiently, pulling data from Enterprise Resource Management Systems and Manufacturing Execution Systems alike. Real Time Factory had instant success with some target customers who also took the role of co-developing the solution for future markets.

During the spring, Tieto’s Industrial Internet also entered into an 11-year collaboration with HSB Living Lab to innovate IT solutions that enhance future living. HSB Living Lab is a research and demonstration facility including apartments for students and guest researchers located in Gothenburg, Sweden. The facility will test new products and solutions and thereby provide Tieto with an invaluable arena for innovation. Tieto was chosen as the full-service IT partner for this cutting edge project that brings together the expertise of a diverse range of organizations and companies such as Electrolux and NASA.

Market accelerates, Tieto VITAL and M2M in a Box introduced

During the second half of 2015, the market accelerated with more concrete business cases realised in public, healthcare and welfare sectors. The market in Norway for smart care homes expanded and Tieto entered into new projects in this area. Tieto’s Industrial Internet team continued to identify business opportunities in Vehicle & Fleet Management and launched Tieto VITAL, a situational awareness solution. Tieto VITAL has dashboard views and analytics for various fleet monitoring solutions, first use of the application being laptop/desktop/server environments where software sensors allow for the retrieval of key data, once again leveraging Tieto’s Industrial Internet Analytics Toolbox to further refine and visualize it.

During the second half of the year, the M2M in a Box service also became available to customers in the Nordic countries. Tieto’s Industrial Internet co-developed this multi-purpose sensor service together with TeliaSonera and it was added to TeliaSonera’s IoT product portfolio. One of the first reference customers for the M2M in a Box service was the Church of Sweden, who uses this IoT solution for facility maintenance and efficient preventive upkeep of old church buildings.

Tieto’s Industrial Internet continued to get good reviews from the market, including HfS High Performer recognition. The team also actively participated in various key industry events, such as Slush Ultrahack, Europe’s biggest hackathon, in November.

Towards the end of the year, development of the Tieto Connect platform intensified, and the market launch took place early January 2016. Powered by Cumulocity’s IoT platform, Tieto Connect is a cloud-based platform that helps companies gather, store and manage their data – and speed up the Industrial Internet revolution.